Controls Engineer III (Chihuahua, MX)

Controls engineers design and develop systems for numerous markets to include building automation, data centers, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, oil/gas, waste water, and more. This position will be performing daily tasks to include programming, HMI graphical development, drawing updates/review, status updates, etc regarding the customer account(s) as assigned. You will oversee the production of various types of elements within the controls engineering field. An important competency in this position is to research, test, and analyze ideas for possible system and process improvements. Success in this role will be demonstrated by meeting safety and quality standards while driving revenue increases through improved production processes.

As a Controls Engineer III, this position is a mentor position for Controls Engineer II’s, I’s and equivalents. This is an intermediate level position that has combined tenure with knowledge and allows for greater contribution to all aspects of this department. This position is approaching a senior-level Controls Engineer and has significant experience within the Controls Engineering department. This is reflected through leadership as well as greater impact on projects.

Main tasks:

  • Troubleshoots problems with processes and hardware
  • Coordinates with others in order to determine problems and implement solutions
  • Provides technical assistance and guidance as needed by internal, and external, customers
  • Works with vendors to perform controls-related tasks
  • Meets performance metrics
  • Perform PLC programming on moderate sequences
  • Perform moderate HMI graphical programming, to include object updates, coding, naming, structure, visibility, etc
  • Perform network updates, to include IP addressing, VLAN configurations, etc
  • Integrate to equipment through communication protocols to include Modbus, BACnet, SNMP, etc
  • Mentor junior members
  • Capable of reading controls wiring schematics, as well as perform red-line updates
  • Capable of working on customer jobsites remotely with minimal supervision.
  • Must be willing to travel, including international, as needed

Skills and experience:

  • PLC Programming experience in Rockwell, Siemens and/or Schneider preferred
  • Experience with AutoCAD
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Excellent analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Ability to determine customer needs to develop project specifications and scope
  • Project Management
  • Ability to interpret and implement specifications
  • Advanced understanding of VLANs/Network
  • Proficient with Microsoft Windows OS, MAC OS, etc
  • Excellent documentation and written skills.

ASc/BSc/MSc in Engineering, Computer Science, or relevant field experience.
3-7 years of experience





闭路电视 (CCTV)

闭路电视能够覆盖设施的内部和外部,帮助现场安全维护关键空间的概览。 这使用户能够迅速识别和管理事件,并及时做出响应。安装包括红外夜视传感器的高清摄像头,提高所有环境中的可见性。


音频/通讯系统允许如学校、医院以及任何工业或商业设施在授予访问权限前与访客进行互动。这有助于最小化入侵并识别那些试图进入设施的人。 提供多种对讲机,包括带有和不带有摄像头的,以支持这一需求。



我们的专业团队将与您紧密合作,深入了解您的具体运营挑战和目标。 通过利用我们多年的经验和全面的知识,我们设计并开发量身定制的控制和机器人解决方案,彻底改变您的制造过程,提升效率、生产力和盈利能力。 通过精密的系统工程,我们将先进的控制和机器人无缝集成到您现有的基础设施中。我们优先考虑各种组件的和谐互动,确保整个生产生态系统中的顺畅通信和协作。这种集成不仅优化了单个生产单元的性能,还便于在更广泛的生产系统中实现流畅的协调




在Axys,我们专注于赋予现代企业在动态环境中蓬勃发展的能力,提供以建筑管理系统(BMS)为中心的全面解决方案。我们的专业团队致力于提升您的运营效率,优化资源利用,并促进顺利适应新兴技术。 凭借我们在BMS领域的专业知识,我们提供一系列尖端解决方案,专为满足您业务的独特需求而定制。请充分利用我们的服务: